Section Three: Video Conference Platforms / video sharing services and Cooperation in E-Learning

Introduction to synchronized participationGeneral overview of synchronized participationsEng. Wisam MakkiOct 15th, 8-10 PM
GoogleGoogle Calendar, running Google Hangout Meet, Business HangoutsEng. Wisam Makki
ZoomRegistering and Managing Zoom Meetings, Zoom.aiAst. Prof. Mohammed Muni’m Nissayif
Cisco WebExRegistering in Cisco WebEx for meetings, organizing and management, specs of WebEX for training and activitiesAst. Prof. Mohammed Muni’m Nissayif 
MOODLE PlatformPrepare your classroom, part 2, homework page: organizing lists, adding subjects and resources, preparing a list of semesters via Google Hangout Meet, student’s attendance and Mobile Classroom App.Shahba’ Mohammed Abdul-MajeedOct 18th, 8-10 PM
Preparing interactive lectruresHow to prepare an interactive lecture and what are the most used applicationsDr. Ruaa Majid To’ma]

Dr. Baseem Natheer Abdul_Hadi

Oct 19th, 8-10 PM