Second Section: Google Education Software Suite(Workspace),Management and Implementation of Learning Management Systems


ObjectivesSubjectName of LecturerDate
General Overview of G-Suite: Google DriveDeveloping Documents, presentations, spread sheets and Google module to increase access and data collection from Google and JamboardSameera MizhirOct 13th , 2020, 8-10 PM
Preparing Semesters (bringing students work online)Prepare your classroom, accounts settings, email notifications, archiving chapters, editing classrooms and people’s pages in the index as well for teaching streamsDr Omar HusseinOct 13th , 2020, 8-10 PM
Prepare your Classroom, Part 2Prepare your classroom, part 2, homework page: organizing lists, adding subjects and resources, preparing a list of semesters via Google Hangout Meet, student’s attendance and Mobile Classroom App.Omar Ibraheem ObaidOct 14th, 2020, 8-10 PM
Student’s HomeworkCreating homework’s, distinguishing in Google Classroom, finishing homework and send them over, evaluating homework, review record, resending homework by studentsDr. Mahdi Salah 
Challenges and Common technical solutions/ teaching in low bandwidthTeaching strategies and learning when Internet services are not available for all studentsOmar Ibraheem Obaid