Section One: Introduction to E-Learning Concepts and Methods / Learning Management Systems

Curriculum of Consolidated E-Learning Professional Training Courses

First Section: Introduction to E-Learning Concepts and Methods / Learning Management Systems


            Date Name of Lecturer        Subject        Learning Objectives
Sunday 11-10-2020 from

8-10   / evening

Asst. Prof.Dr. Amer Al Ameer 2- Consolidated  Learning 1-Consolidated  Learning
Monday 12-10-2020 from 8-10 evening Dr. Hassan Mohammed Ali An introduction to e-learning, concepts, methods, and a basic introduction to LMS content management and the role of the online teacher as well as what is known as free online courses MOOCs



An  Introduction of E-Learning








Concept of E-Learning Design







Active electronic education and interactive course design






Online communication with students and digital responsibility





E-learning applications + skills that are developed through the digital classroom



E-learning evaluation concept

Dr. Hassan Mohammed Ali Khan’s e-learning framework, Electronic content specifications, and Ministry’s resource database
Dr. Hassan Mohammed Ali Designing of interactive e-learning course, preparing interactive e-learning lessons and trainers ’preparation
Asst. L. Sumyaha Abid    Ahmed Ethical issues in e-learning and digital responsibility
Asst. L. Sumyaha Abid    Ahmed Learning Management Systems Overview Digital Literacy Skills
Asst. L. Sumyaha Abid    Ahmed Tools, measurement and evaluation of e-learning, examinations and electronic tests, Edmodo as a tool for electronic testing and definition of SCORM tools
Asst. L. Sumyaha Abid    Ahmed Stimulating students, interactive discussions, collaborative learning environment, professional communication, positive online behavior Facilitating asynchronous work and promoting positive behavior online